Ministry of Justice

Community Services

At the Nanaimo Justice Access Centre, we can tell you about key community and government agencies for issues such as mental health, alcohol and drug use, income security, debt or housing. These services are located right in your community and sometimes their staff even work at our centre. We can contact them for you if you wish and book appointments as needed. Community groups also give information sessions and presentations at the centre. Call us for the current schedule.

If you have immediate safety concerns involving mental health or family violence, we may refer you to a doctor, a crisis line or the police. (We’ll also help get you into court as quickly as possible, if necessary.)

If you need help resolving a dispute about child support, we can refer you to a family justice counsellor or the child support officer at the centre. If you're not receiving the child support your child is entitled to receive, we may refer you to the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP). FMEP monitors and enforces support payments for enrolled parents. By registering your orders or agreements with FMEP, you may avoid going to court. Some people decide to enroll with the FMEP simply because it's easier to have FMEP keep a record of their support payments.

You can also find many community services on the websites of PovNet and Vancouver Island Crisis Line.