Ministry of Justice

The Mediate BC Society

This bulletin provides general information concerning mediation of disputes. For additional information that is specific to mediation of family disputes, you should also see the bulletin called Family Mediation.

There is growing public interest in using mediation as a way to resolve conflict. People who work in the civil justice system, and people who participate in the system as litigants, are becoming aware of the potential of mediation for settling disputes in a more timely and less costly way.

As more people use mediation, mediators need to be easily accessible to the public as well as to litigants, lawyers and judges. Anyone should be able to find mediators who have met a minimum standard of training and experience, and who subscribe to acceptable standards of conduct.

The Mediate BC Society was established for this reason. The roster is a central and accessible list of trained and experienced mediators who subscribe to a code of mediation conduct. A roster was established in 1998 to support the use of mediation for civil, non-family, cases in the B.C. Supreme Court. A family roster was established in June 2002. Mediators on the civil roster and the family roster can also be used for disputes outside the court system.

The roster provides a way to:

  • organize and distribute reliable information about mediators;
  • facilitate access to mediators;
  • create a provincial standard for acceptable levels of mediator training and experience; and
  • ensure that mediators on the roster meet these standards.

The roster is managed by an independent body, the Mediate BC Society. The society is governed by volunteer directors, drawn from senior dispute resolution practitioners and educators, the bar, the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice.

The society does not set mediation fees; it is up to the parties in the mediation to agree on fees with the mediator they select.

The roster plays an important role under the notice to mediate regulations. Where the parties are unable to agree upon the selection of a mediator, any party may apply to a "roster organization" designated by the attorney general for appointment of a mediator. The Mediate BC Society fulfills this role.

The society is also affiliated with the Province’s Child Protection Mediation Program roster, and manages information about the program’s child protection mediators.

Admission to the Civil and Family Rosters

To be admitted to the civil and family rosters an application form, providing information about training and experience, must be submitted to the society. Applicants must also provide references and verification of liability insurance, and must agree to subscribe to the society's standards of conduct. There is a non-refundable application fee.

Mediator Qualifications and Standards of Conduct

Visit the Mediate BC Society’s website for information on qualifying for the rosters and for the society’s standards of conduct.


For names of mediators in your area, contact the Mediate BC Society or check the telephone book for mediator service providers and mediation organizations.