Ministry of Justice

Small Claims Procedural Guides

If you are considering making a claim in small claims court or are currently involved in a claim, you may find the following guides helpful.

They provide an overview of the small claims process, outline the steps you may encounter in a typical small claims case and address a number of commonly asked questions.  

For answers to particular problems or questions, read the Small Claims Court Rules or seek legal advice. Information on small claims fees is available here. If you are looking for small claims forms, click here.

If you are filing your small claim in a location that is running a pilot project, your claim may follow a different process. Click here to see information about the small claims pilot project. 


  1. What is Small Claims Court?
  2. Making a Claim
  3. Replying to a Claim
  4. Serving Documents
  5. Getting ready for Court
  6. Getting Results
  7. Mediation Program for Claims up to $10,000
  8. Mediation for Claims between $10,000 and $25,000