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Small Claims Forms

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You may wish to use the Small Claims Filing Assistant when completing your forms. The Filing Assistant takes information you enter online and generates completed forms already filled out with your answers. Forms may then be printed and submitted in person or mailed to a small claims registry.

You also have the option to file documents electronically through Court Services Online (CSO). To do so, you must have a registered account with CSO and either a BCeID account with a registered credit card or a BC Online account. It does take time to obtain a BCeID or BC Online account. If you are in a hurry to file documents, we suggest that you file in person at the court registry or by mail. You can find further information about eFiling and BCeID and BC Online accounts on the CSO website. Forms are not accepted for filing via email.

If you are looking to appeal a decision from small claims court, you can find information and forms here.

Form Name Prescribed Form Number * Branch Form #
Acceptance of offer SCR Form # 19 scl805
Acknowledgment of payment - scl800
Additional page - scl029
Affidavit in support of garnishing order after judgment COEA Form B psc014
Affidavit in support of garnishing order before action COEA Form A scl806
Affidavit in support of garnishing order/judgment COEA Form C psc003
Affidavit of non-compliance - scl808
Affidavit of service - scl004c
Affidavit to cancel a dismissal or default order - scl020
Agreement - scl028
Application (for use under the Local Government Act) - adm865
Application for default order SCR Form # 5 scl005
Application record/order - scl026
Application registration (or renewal) of a judgment - scl815
Application to a judge - Filing Assistant SCR Form # 17 scl017
Application to the registrar - Filing Assistant SCR Form # 16 scl016
Certificate   scl804
Certificate of Amounts Owing   scl840
Certificate of readiness SCR Form # 7 scl007
Certificate of service SCR Form # 4 scl004f
Consent order - scl021
Consent to act as guardian ad litum and certificate of fitness - scl807
Consent to adjourn settlement conference   scl829
Consent to adjourn trial conference   scl828**
Electronic filing statement SCR Form #28 scl830
Fax cover sheet SCR Form #20 adm833smcl
Fee declaration SCR Form #30 scl833
Garnishing order (absolute) COEA Form E scl839
Garnishing order (after judgment) COEA Form D psc013
Garnishing order before judgment COEA Form F psc002
Garnishment application GAR form (Federal)  
Mediation agreement SCR Form # 25 scl044
Mediation compensation order SCR Form # 26 scl827
Notice of change of address   scl831
Notice of claim - Filing Assistant SCR Form # 1 scl001
Notice of mediation session SCR Form # 27 scl826
Notice of payment hearing SCR Form # 13 scl013
Notice of payment out - psc024
Notice of trial conference SCR Form #32 scl835**
Notice of withdrawal - scl019
Notice to mediate for claims between $10,000 and $25,000 SCR Form #29 scl832
Notice to mediate for claims up to $10,000 SCR Form # 21 scl040
Notice to the claimant - slc025
Offer to settle SCR Form # 18 scl803
Order - scl809
Order for seizure and sale SCR Form # 11 scl011
Payment order SCR Form # 10 scl010
Reply - Filing Assistant SCR Form # 2 scl002
Request for judgment or for dismissal SCR Form # 23 scl042
Request for payment out - scl841
Result of mediation SCR Form # 24 scl043
Settlement conference record - scl018
Statement of finances - scl024
Summons to a default hearing SCR Form # 14 scl014
Summons to a payment hearing SCR Form # 12 scl012
Summons to witness SCR Form # 8 scl008
Third party notice - Filing Assistant SCR Form # 3 scl003
Trial preparation settlement conference - pre-trial orders - scl051
Trial statement SCR Form # 33 scl045**
Reply to third party notice - scl801
Verification of default SCR Form #31 scl834
Verification of non-attendance SCR Form # 22 scl041
South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act Tickets (For more information on disputing your Translink ticket, please see the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure website.)
Referral for review Form 1 SCBCTAA-Form1
Referral for review affidavit Form 2 SCBCTAA-Form2
Application Form 5 SCBCTAA-Form5
Certificate of service Form 6 SCBCTAA-Form6

* SCR Small Claim Rules
  COEA Court Order Enforcement Act
  GAR Garnishment and Attachment Regulations (Federal)


** Forms for provincial small claims court pilot; used in Vancouver 'Robson Square' and Richmond only.


Forms for Appeals from the Provincial Court pursuant to the Small Claims Act and Supreme Court rule 49(3)

Supreme Court Practice Direction, Standard Directions for Appeals from the Provincial Court pursuant to the Small Claims Act and Supreme Court Rule 49(3) - including:

  • Appellant's Statement of Argument
  • Respondent's Statement of Argument

Appeal from small claims - information sheet

The related Supreme Court Forms may be found on the Supreme Court Civil forms webpage.

  • Notice of appeal
  • Notice of hearing of appeal - Form 75
  • Notice of abandonment of appeal - Form 76