Ministry of Justice

Court Bailiffs and Civil Execution Services

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the provision of civil execution services in British Columbia.  These services are performed by court bailiffs under contract with the Province.

Civil execution services involve execution of court orders issued in a civil proceeding. Services also include the court ordered removal of a tenant and their belongings from a residence. The most common court orders of this nature include a writ of possession, a writ of seizure and sale and an order of seizure and sale.

Only contracted court bailiffs are legally authorized to execute these orders.

If you are a creditor who has been awarded a monetary judgment by the court, or if you are a landlord with an order of possession from the Residential Tenancy Branch, it is recommended that you contact an authorized court bailiff firm to gain a better idea of the costs associated with executing your court order.

A list of authorized court bailiffs for the province is available here.