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This information is designed to assist individuals who have received a jury summons in the mail.

People's names are randomly selected from data from the provincial voter's list - this is how your name was picked. You are required to respond to your jury summons.

Not all people who receive a jury summons are eligible to sit as a juror. You may be disqualified or permitted to request an exemption.

You have a duty to attend for jury selection, but that does not mean you will actually be chosen as a juror. There are several steps in the process before you would be confirmed as a juror. Review the links below to help you determine if you are able to fulfill your commitment as a juror. 

link to Are you disqualified?

link to Request an exemption

link to Selection process link to You the juror

link to Frequently asked questions

link to Contact us lin to Jury duty home page

All citizens have a responsibility to do their part to ensure the law works properly and justice is done. Participation as a juror is a civic duty. It is also a legal obligation, as well as a right, and, unless you are disqualified or exempted in advance by the sheriff's office (see "Disqualification “or "Exemption"), you must attend the jury selection process.

If you are required to attend for jury selection, bring the top portion of your summons document and picture identification with you to the courthouse.

If you have moved and now live outside the jurisdiction of the court noted in the summons, please advise your local sheriff’s office immediately.

French Speaking Jury Trials

If you are a French speaking British Columbian, you may have your name transferred from the English speaking juror’s database to the French speaking juror’s database. Learn more.

Procès Avec Jury Francophone

Si vous êtes Britanno-Colombien et que vous parlez français, votre nom pourrait être transféré de la base de données des jurés anglophones à celle des jurés francophones. Pour en savoir plus.