Ministry of Justice

Programmed PDF Forms

To fill in a pdf programmed form:

  1. From the list of forms click on the form name.
  2. (Internet Explorer will open the form in Acrobat Adobe.)
  3. Click on the hand button click on the hand button
  4. The hand changes to a cursor when it is over a fillable field on the form. Move the mouse to where you think the first field on the form would be; when the hand changes to a cursor, click on it. [This will possibly be the top right of the form, court file number.]
  5. Enter text in that field and press Tab. (Tab takes you to the next field.)
  6. Continue entering information in fields and pressing tab to the next field. You may also use your mouse to go to any field on the form.
  7. Print the form.

(Adobe Reader is available for download on their site.)